Limited Company vs Umbrella – Don’t lose £1,000s

Limited Company vs Umbrella – Don’t lose £1,000s

Know where you stand when it comes to Limited Company vs Umbrella. Both options have important pros and cons to consider when making your choice.

On one hand, an umbrella company gives you some of the comforts of having an employer (with short term contracts), but overall you pay higher taxes.

A limited company however will leave you better off financially with a little more management.

Contractors on £120 per day can save over £4,000 yearly by working through their own company.

Have no fear if you want to go limited. An accountant will ensure that it's just as simple as using an umbrella company.

In this video we'll go through all the important facts that you should know before making a final decision on Ltd vs Umbrella.

The best part? We'll go through actual examples of how your tax is calculated in both scenarios. Be confident where you stand with your finances and working arrangements after watching our video.

If  you're considering a Limited Company, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our super friendly support team is always happy to help!